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Our Mission? Get the right content to the right people!

The search for information that actually interests us is an exhausting task, a task which consumes enormous amounts of time. While the Internet is an amazing source of information, the massive amount of data available is just too much for us to deal with. We get lost in its almost infinite space.

Although search engines have found an amazing way to help us find the information we are looking for – we type in a keyword and find the most popular results – this only works well for very specific searches, for example for a restaurant's website or a particular video. For our broader fields of interest, particularly those we want to stay up to date with, these search engines don't help us a lot.

Now, however, this challenge is being met – modern technology can enable computers to actually understand the information generated by the internet.

With this technology, Scoops recognizes what your interests are and supplies you with new content about them. You only have to type in a Topic once on our site and you will be kept informed whenever we find relevant content.

We scan thousands of articles everyday and compute the relevance of each of them for every single one of our users. The most relevant information will always be the first you see and you can explore every Topic further, since we also find additional related content. After registering once, you will continually receive all the relevant news and information that you would otherwise have to keep on searching for in the depths of the Internet – and might never find.

And we do all this for free.


Scoops Software GmbH

  • Address:
    Kinkstraße 40, 9020 Klagenfurt - Austria
  • E-Mail:
  • CEO:
    Christoph Fleischmann
  • Nikolas Treiber
  • ID:
    FN 355250b

Terms of Use

Scoops is a free service provided by the Scoops Software GmbH, Kinkstraße 40, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria, aimed at organizing and aggregating news streams for users. Scoops has to be accessed via a browser or specially developed applications for mobile devices.

Scoops core functionalities include:

  • Importing news content from sources entered by the user.
  • Organizing this content according to a specifically generated interest profile.
  • Recommending content from other sources, if categorized as relevant.

Furthermore Scoops offers the following additional features:

  • A control panel for personal information and connected sources of content that can be freely changed.
  • A control panel for the generated interest profile, which content can be altered, changed or deleted.
  • Complex analysis for each entity of content, as well as generated related content for each entity.

Scoops reserves the right to analyze content through an algorithm-powered software and to freely organize users news content according to this procedure. Since the portal is financed through advertising, Scoops also reserves the right to deliver content to users that was supplied by advertising partners, however, still following the above mentioned algorithmic procedure and within the news stream.

On a case-by-case basis, as a complement to our service only, Scoops takes the liberty to provide you, the user, with relevant information concerning our services or your personal news stream by email or, upon request by SMS.

Prior to the provision of any of our services, we require your consent to electronically process and store the information entered by you as well as information computed from our software about you and to use this information for the process of computing a personal relevance for entities of content in our news stream database.

Your personal data, including the information entered by you and the information computed by our software will never be shared with anyone but you. Scoops reserves the right to use this data however for marketing analyses and marketing processes in an anonymous way, so that personal information will never appear individually and will only be used to generate an aggregate analysis of a market.

Since the portal is aggregating content from sources not associated with Scoops, we cannot assume any liability for the content of these external sources.

As this service is offered free of charge, we can neither guarantee the functionality nor the permanent availability of the service and we cannot assume any liability for damage resulting from the use of the system.

We would like to point out that in your own interest you must keep passwords secret and notify us for instance by email (, in the case of loss or suspected unauthorized use of a password.

Declaration of Consent

I declare that I intend to participate in the system Scoops, and that I have read the Terms of Use. I hereby consent to the electronic storage and processing of my personal data I provide or which are computed by the software powering the portal. I know that only the surname, user name and email address must be provided and that further particulars (connected websites, interests, additional user information) are entirely optional, however recommended.

I further consent to the additional use of these details by the operator of Scoops to send me supplementary information by mail, electronic mail or, upon my express request, by SMS. I know, that Scoops may use information stored about me for marketing analyses and processes in an anonymous way, so that my personal information will never appear individually and will only be used to generate an aggregate analysis of a market.

I also know that I may terminate my Scoops account at any time through a link on the user control panel on In this case, my data will be entirely deleted.